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Mission, Plans and Strategy
As one of the Indonesian shipping company focused on coal transportation markets, JSK's missions are to: Provide satisfaction performance services; Deliver reliable and good services to customers; strengthen the capital sources’ networking and relationship; and create a rewarding and challenging work environment for employees.
Develop close relationship with all customers and approaching the potential customers especially to coal mining companies and coal fired power plant companies for domestic and export market.
Improving the services by providing experience crews, optimizing the chartering division at Korea, as well as hiring and continuously training staff with sea and shore-based industry knowledge.
Strengthen the access to financial institutions which has an important element of JSK success and a source for future growth.
Be the good and helpful partner to its customers.
Optimize its owned fleet and charter-fleet portfolio.
Strengthen the International networking of key persons in JSK.
Set the Standard of technical management and employees.
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